Omega Community Labor Association is a 501(c)(5) tax-exempt, national labor organization that represents its members in terms of hours, wages, working conditions, grievance resolutions, and administers a wide variety of employee welfare benefit plans and business services to its growing membership base through a bona fide collective bargaining agreement with their employers. Structured as a legally compliant ECE (Entity Claiming Exception) as per section 3(40)(A)(i) of ERISA, our annual membership dues are only $25.

Omega Community Labor Association DOES NOT sell insurance products but rather we promote, to our Organization Members, not only the right to work plus the free flow of capital and labor, but also ERISA-based employee welfare benefits at prices below private insurers. We are a “Sanctuary Organization”, a labor organization that embraces anyone, documented or undocumented, who works in the US and has no criminal background.

These benefits are strictly regulated by the federal government’s Department of Labor (DOL) under the confines of its Employee Retirement Security Act (ERISA) regulations. Our benefit plans ultimately assist employees and their families, and are covered by ERISA’s provisions. Omega Community Labor Association derives its authority to offer such benefits and services from federal ERISA law. To comply with such standards for participation, vesting, benefit accrual and funding, Omega Community Labor Association conducts itself under strict financial and regulatory structures. We are covered under our Errors and Omissions and liability insurance, Fireman’s Fund under the ERISA bond umbrella, as well as its backing of existing and growing assets: funds, investments, real estate holdings, businesses, and affiliated relationships.

Regarding benefits, our Members may purchase (under one multiemployer group within the ECE regulated confines described above), benefits and business services such as: workers’ compensation benefits (Compass Pilot), health care benefits (Avanto), retirement plans and others. What this means to you, is that you get more for your dollar. This is an opportunity for your employer to carry the legal and necessary responsibility of providing more robust and all-encompassing quality benefits to their employees. With OCLA you don’t have to pay more for quality, our prices are below the standard industry market price, so what are you waiting for? Join OCLA, save, and work well.

For a copy of documentation on our structure, please request in writing and for what purpose, and email your request to our OCLA compliance department at

Knowledge is Power

Omega Community Labor Association Membership offers discounts on your Safety & Awareness training to foster a top-notch working environment where respect and safety are the norm.


– Leadership Training to inspire and motivate employees to gather and achieve a common goal.
– Crisis Management Training that diffuses a situation before it becomes
harder to manage.
– Business Ethics & Compliance Training tailored to your business, but
still cover the basics that include sexual harassment, fraud, and specific
industry compliance.
– First Aid Training that could save a life.
– Facility inspection report for OSHA compliance.
– Human Resources: bookkeeping, payroll, taxes, forms/permits and compliance
– Arbitration & Mediation Services


– Safety & Awareness Training custom to industry to foster a safe working environment.
– Free annual health checkup for early detection and intervention if needed
– Free immunizations

Daily Life Activity Discounts

A membership with Omega Community Labor Association entitles its members to significant savings on:

Vacation/Travel Savings Program.

Save up to 30% off a variety of vacation destinations and on airfare for your employee’s enjoyment.

Sports Club/Fitness Savings Program.

Promotion of healthy living with great savings is a one way you can make your employees feel cared for.

Restaurant/Entertainment Savings Program.

Save up to 40% on theme park and movie tickets, and discounts on many of your favorite restaurants.

Vitamin Savings Program.

Prevention and healthy living conduces to better cooperation and production from employees.

Pet Care Savings Program.

For those “best of friends”, this saving program is designed to save up to 20% on many of the costs associated with having a pet.

And more!